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Hong Kong Mahjong Game Rules

Hong Kong Mahjong is probably the most popular Mahjong varient played today in China. The style of play is very similar to traditional mahjong with the main differences being in the scoring system used.

Much the same as Classic Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong is played with 144 tiles, 13 of the tiles are randomly distributed to each player with the exception of the starting player who receives 14. The starting player discards the spare tile and gameplay continues clockwise, from here on out each player must draw a new tile from what remains in the original stack, they then need to discard a tile from their hand which can be used by other players in the game

Tiles used in Hong Kong Mahjong (??)

The 144 tiles used in Hong Kong Mahjong can be broken down into seven main sets and each of the sets appear four times to form a complete Mahjong set. There are three main sets consisting of nine tiles plus additional sets as shown below.

  Bamboo Set


  Character Set


  Circles & Dot Set


  Wind Set


  Dragon Set


  Flowers Bonus Tiles


  Dragon Bonus Tiles


Objective of Hong Kong Mahjong (??)

The objective of the game is to match four sets and a pair using all of your tiles, this is known as a MAHJONG. When someone declares Mahjong the game ends, and points are distributed based on your hand. Each player is then paid out from the pot based on the points total of their hand, this is calculated automatically by the online mahjong casino before distributing the payout. Once this happens the deck of tiles is re-shuffled and the game is restarted ready for another round.

A set can consist of either a PUNG (three of the same suit) a KONG (four of the same suite), or a CHOW (three running tiles of the same suite).

See below for example sets in Hong Kong Mahjong:

  PUNG Example


  KONG Example


  CHOW Example


A PUNG or a KONG must be made up using identical tiles, a CHOW must consist of three tiles running in the same suite eg. 1,2,3.

Once you have formed four sets all that is needed is to make a pair which can consist of any two identical tiles excluding the bonus tiles. Bonus tiles cannot be used for pairs nor for sets and are instead set aside and will count as an additional amount towards your end score.


Forming Sets in Hong Kong Mahjong (??)

Sets in Hong Kong Mahjong can be formed by retrieving from the deck forming a concealed set or retrieving a tile when its been discarded by an opponent player to complete a set in your hand. Once a set is formed in this way the tiles are shown face up for other players to see. Mahjong is declared once four sets have been formed followed by a pair to complete the hand.

All sets must be formed using pieces from the same suit either Bamboo, Character, Dots, Wind or Dragon tiles. PUNG and KONG sets require 3 or 4 tiles of identical value and suit where as a CHOW is more like a straight in poker but using only three values from the same set eg. 1 2 3.

Point Scoring in Hong Kong Mahjong (??)

As soon as Mahjong has been declared play automatically stops and points are allocated based on set/tile values. Hong Kong Mahjong differs from Classical Mahjong as Pung and Kong sets do not score any points. Instead "fan" are earned which corresponds to the scoring tables below, the number of "fans" required to win a game differs depending on the table your sitting at.




Chicken Hand


Hand with no Value

Dragon Pung


Hand includes pung or kong of dragons

Seat/Prevelant Wind


Hand includes a pung or kong of the player�s seat or round wind.

All Chows


Hand consists only of sequences and a pair.

Self Drawn Win


Drawing the winning tile for mahjong.

Last Tile Draw/Discard


Winning on the very last tile or the following discard.

Out on Replacement Tile


Winning after drawing a replacement tile.

Robbing the Kong


Winning on off a tile used to extend a kong.

All Pungs


Hand consists only pungs, kongs and one pair.

Half Flush


Hand consists only of honors and suit tiles of one suit.

Little Three Dragons


Hand has two dragon pungs and a pair of the third dragon.

Full Flush


Hand consists only of suit tiles of one suit.

Four Concealed Pungs


Hand has four concealed pungs and a pair and self-drawn win.

Big Three Dragons


Hand has three dragon pungs.

Little Four Winds


Hand has three pungs and a pair of winds.

Big Four Winds


Hand has four pungs of winds.

All Honors


Hand consists only of honor tiles.

All Terminals


Hand consists only of terminals.

Nine Gates


Concealed hand of 1112345678999 in one suit and winning on any tile of the same suit.

Thirteen Orphans


Hand made of single tiles of 12 honors and terminals, plus a pair of the 13th. Hand must be concealed.

Blessing of Heaven


East wins with initial hand.

Blessing of Earth


Non-east player wins on East�s first discard.

NOTE: Limits are counted as 10 fans.

Scoring in Hong Kong Mahjong is based on the number of fans accrued as per the table above, a conversion then takes place to assign a points value which is based on the fan-laak table seen below. Once the points totals are calculated the losing players pay the winner, if a player discards a winning tile to complete the winning hand that player pays twice the number of points that the other players pay.



 By Discard 

 Self Drawn 





























Cash values are assigned to each point based on the house rules and stake. This means that if a single player hits the point limit set for the table he/she will win all the money on the table.

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Vera&John; Casino

We take pride in your gaming experience by offering an innovative product in a fun, welcoming and user friendly setting. Vera&John; is run by a group of funky and charming people and as a special welcome bonus we will give you a 100% bonus up to €500 on your first deposit.

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