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Gambling Glossary

Do you know your Craps from your Chips? Your Hard Hand from your Hole Card? The world of online casinos can be daunting to new players as a lot of words are used that they may not be familiar with.

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced card shark or trembling novice, our Gambling Glossary is here to help! We have listed some of the most common terms that players might come across and provided a definition.

Once you feel confident enough in your vocabulary feel free to test your new found knowledge and win some prizes in one of our Featured Casinos!

American Roulette
A version of Roulette that has 38 numbers in total, including 0 and 00

The first bet made on a hand before cards are dealt. Usually heard in poker.

European table game that uses either 6 or 8 decks of cards. The aim to hit a baccarat score of 9, or as close as possible.

Bank Roll
The amount of money a player has available to gamble with.

Breaking Hand
A term used in blackjack to describe a hand that will go over 21 with a one-card draw.

The amount a player has wagered

Bet the Limit
A phrase used to describe a player wager the maximum allowed in any game

A two-card hand totalling 21, made of an Ace and a 10-value card

When a blackjack hand exceeds 21, it is broken or 'bust'

Break/Bust Card
The card which takes the value of a blackjack hand over 21 when dealt

Burn Card
The top card of the deck, discarded and placed face down at the beginning of a round to ensure the integrity of the shuffle.

Casino Advantage / House Edge
This phrase is used to describe the mathematical advantage that the Casino (or 'House') has over players.

Tokens used in casinos to represent cash.

Used in Craps to describe the first roll of the dice that establishes a point

A dice table-game where players predict the outcome of two dice.

Used in Craps when a bet is on the pass line and loses to a 2, 3 or 12 result on the come-out roll.

Also called a croupier (French for Dealer), this individual deals the game and is an employee of the casino.

A result of 2 when using dice

Double Down
An additional wager up to the amount of the original wager, on the first two cards of the hand.

Face Cards
A card that has a 'face' on i, for example a jack, queen or king

First Base
This is the first seat to the Dealer's left at a live Blackjack table

Fixed Odds Games
A Fixed Odds Game is a game in which the player can establish what the return on a bet will be when it is placed.

French Roulette (European Roulette)
This roulette wheel only contains one zero.

Four of a Kind
Four cards of the same denomination in Poker and Video Poker

Full House
Three cards of the same denomination and two cards of the same denomination in the same 5 card hand. Used in Poker and Video Poker.

The wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome, where the primary intent is to win additional money/goods.

Hard Hand
A hand without an Ace, or where all the cards are counted as one.

When the player asks for an additional card.

High Roller
A player who consistently wages very large amounts

Hole Card A card kept face down and unexposed by the dealer

House Edge
This phrase is used to describe the mathematical advantage that the Casino (or 'House') has over players.

House Rules
Established rules of the casino for players and dealers to abide by.

Inside Bet
A bet placed in roulette that is on a single number, two numbers or four numbers.

When the dealer's up card is an ace, the player bets that the dealer has a blackjack.

Jacks or Better
Used in poker to describe a pair that only pays off if the pair cards are Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces.

The largest possible payout available on a casino game, particularly slots.

Line / Payline
A line of symbols on a slot machine that must be used to create winning combinations.

Maximum Bet
The largest monetary amount a casino will allow you to place on a specific bet.

Can either be used as slang for £500 or a Chinese term used to describe any card with a value of 10.

Mutliple Paylines
A slots game that contains more than one winning Payline, increases the chances to win.

Natural Blackjack
A hand consisting of an Ace and a 10-value card.

Payout Table (Pay Table)
Usually used in slots or video poker, this table explains the value of each winning hand or set of symbols (either in coins, chips or credits).

Not taking the opportunity to bet

Playing Strategy
Strategy of a player to maximise winnings

Progressive Jackpots
A jackpot that increases as people play the game it is attached to across the entire network. Progressive Jackpots frequently total millions.

Push (Draw)
When a betting round ends in a tie between the dealer and the player. No money is won or lost.

Royal Flush
Used in Poker when a hand contains five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit. Starts from 10 and ends with an ace.

RNG - Random Number Generator
The software used to ensure that the numbers detemining the outcome of an online casino

Soft Hand
A hand that contains an ace when the ace is counted as 11.

Soft Double Down
Used when a player 'doubles down' and one of their two cards is an Ace card.

Describes a player choosing to play each of two of the same cards as a separate hand. This requires a separate bet equal to the original wager to be made.)

Used in Poker to describe five consecutive denomination cards of different suit.

Straight Flush
Used in Poker to describe five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit.

When a player declines to receive another card.

Standing Card
Used to describe a dealer hand that contains a face up 7 or higher

Standing Hand
A hand that forces the dealer to Stand

Three of a Kind
Used in Poker to describe three cards of the same denomination or rank.

Two Pairs
Used in Poker to describe two sets of pairs of the same card denomination.

Up Card
The dealers face up card in Blackjack.

Video Slot
A slot that has a video display and superior graphics and sounds to make the games more fun

Vigorish / The Vig
A percentage of commission or a fee that is taken by the casino when a player wins.

A bet

Wager Requirements
Conditions usually attached to bonuses that dictate a player must play a certain amount of bets, hands or wager a certain amount of money before they are able to cashout the bonus.

A player well known for making large wagers. Typically these tend to be in a league above 'High Rollers'

Wild Card
A card that can be used as any other card to create a hand in a card game. Examples include the Joker card.


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